Heart of Yew  (2012, Cygnus Books)                                                                   more info/buy
Poems about yew trees, with excellent photos by Andy McGeeney, naturalist, photographer and ecotherapist. The book, designed by Fred Hageneder, includes a free CD of Jehanne reading the poems with harp music by Fred: tree man, book designer, artist, musician and composer.

Walking Two Ways  (2006)                                                                                         more info/buy
Poems celebrating the Stroud valleys

The Difficult Gate  (2004)                                                                                          more info/buy
Poetry pamphlet

A Way to Meet  (1999)                                                                                                    more info/buy
Poems inspired by the Stroud area

The Burning Word  (1991)                                                                                          more info/buy
Collected poems & song lyrics, edited by Jay Ramsay

Also in preparation: A CD of Jehanne reading some of her poems.


Soul of the Earth  (Awen, 2011)
Anthology of Eco-spiritual Poetry, edited by Jay Ramsay

Into the Further Reaches  (Avalon, 2007)
An anthology of contemporary British poetry celebrating the spiritual journey, edited by Jay Ramsay

Earth Ascending  (Stride Publications in ass. with the Sacred Land Project, 1997)
An anthology of Living Poetry edited by Jay Ramsay

With My Heart in my Mouth  (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1994)
A gathering of poems and statements about poetry edited by Paul Matthews

In the Gold of Flesh  (The Women's Press, 1990)
Poems of Birth and Motherhood edited by Rosemary Palmeira

Transformation - the Poetry of Spiritual Consciousness  (Rivelin Grapheme Press, 1991)
Edited by Jay Ramsay


Jehanne is a regular contributor to Cygnus Review and her work has appeared in various poetry magazines, of which two are Memes, edited by Norman Jope and Tears in the Fence, international English language poetry and prose review, edited by David Caddy.