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This Place  (2015)                                                                                                       more info/buy

Track listing:  Edward, This Place, Manon la Tempête, The Fields of Runnymede, The Metal Worker's Apprentice, Vertical Wall, The Corn King, Chemin de la Guérison, Island of "i", I Did Not Leave, The Rollright Stones.

Emblem  (2006)                                                                                                               more info/buy

Track listing:  Rock Clay & Sand, Emblem, Jean Soleil, Faces, A Foot Above the Ground, New Season of the Spring, Smell of New Hay, Je Me Pardonne, The Gift of Winter, People of the Earth, The King of Ireland's Son, That Fire, Winter Solstice, The Greenway.

Rose in Deep Water  (2005 - remastering of 1992 cassette album)                more info/buy

Track listing:  Harvest Festival, Sierra de Maria, Make my Peace, Rose in Deep Water, Nothing Left, Stop the World, Lord in the Green, Taking Down the Wall, Intent, These Latter Days, Vertical Wall, Pipy's Song, Let the Centre Hold.

Green Jack  (2004 - remastering of 1983 cassette album GJII)                        more info/buy

Track listing:  The Fosterer, New Year, February, La Belle Dormant, House of Snow, Basket of Roses, Make My Peace, Green Jack, People of the Earth, Corridors of Time, Je me demande, Shooting Stars, Decenber, Blue Whale, River Man

Chantons en Francais  (2007 - remastering of 1989 cassette album)          more info/buy

Track listing:  Savez-vous planter les choux?, Il court le furet, Frere Jacques, Meunier tu dors, Sur le pont d'Avignon, J'ai du bon tabac, Au claire de la lune, L'alouette, Michaud, Il etait une bergere, Dansons la Capucine, Le p'tit bossu, La Mere Michel, Le bon roi Dagobert, A la claire fontaine, Un kilometre a pied, Cadet Rousselle, La perdriole.

Also in preparation: A CD of Jehanne reading some of her poems.


Rose in Deep Water  (1992)                                                                                       more info/buy

Track listing as per CD above.

Chantons en Francais  (1989 - no longer available on cassette - see CDs)

Traditional French children's songs

Let the Centre Hold  (1989 - not available for sale for copyright reasons)

Track listing:  Lament for the Lily, AĆ©roport, Assignment, Blue Room, Let the Centre Hold, Lady of Thorns, Pathway with a Heart, Roses in the Subways, Cocoon, This Time.

Pathway With a Heart  (1985)                                                                               more info/buy

Track listing:  The Bunch of Keys, Rain, St Jean du Puy, Who am I to Cry, Achilles Heel, This Time, Pathway with a Heart, No Walls, Bobbin of Yarn, L'Etoile Blanche, Changes, End Game.

Green Jack II  (1983)                                                                                                   more info/buy

Track listing as per CD above.

Green Jack I  (1981)                                                                                                     more info/buy

Track listing:  Bells at Midnight, The Juggler, Alport, Man in the Moon, Triple Conjunction, This Power, Somg Hunt, April Fool, The Fountain, Lament for the Trees, Autumn into Winter, Arthur the King, June Morning.

Song Hunt  (1980 - no longer available for sale)

Track listing:  Man in the Moon, Lament for the Trees, Arthur the King, The Three Sillies, Alport, The Housewife's Dilemma, Herb Song, The Gardener, Bells at Midnight, Corridors of Time, Love is a Song, Humming Top, Song Hunt.